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BMCC Nature and Nature Sense

There is a sufficient weight of knowledge and information demonstrating the value of nature as an important tool in both education, therapy and life enhancement. The use of nature in this way cuts across many disciplines and therapies, from counseling, professional team building, general education and rehabilitation.

We are addressing many of today’s issues using nature to help with the modern disconnect that our children are experiencing. Children are stuck in a two dimensional and increasingly sedentary world. Our children are plugging into an inner world and are increasingly alienated from – not just this world but – themselves and us.

BMCC Nature has developed a Nature Sense to address the health and wellbeing of our children.

Through this our programmes we will show how reconnecting to nature will

  • Boost grades
  • Reduce dependance / addiction to electronic media
  • Increase both physical and emotional self confidence
  • Increase personal and physical fitness
  • Increase the understanding and appreciation of the natural world
  • Help to develop social and team working skills
  • Co-creation of natural areas that will benefit the local environment.


ScreenAgers at camp.. discovering life away from their mobile phones … can be great!