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A: Nature Sense

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Nature Sense developed by Fiona Austin and Neil Hill, illustrates how traditional therapies can be combined with nature based learning to instill far reaching benefits to our children.


  • Enhancing the educational experience of school children, applying the principles of the ‘outdoor classroom’. This is targeted at enhancing school grades, social integration and general fitness.
  • Working with special groups within schools, i.e. attention disorders, autism, downs, dyslexia, etc


Nature as an intermediary: – For over 95% of human evolution we have as a species been intimately connected with nature and the natural world. Nature has provided us with food, shelter, water, materials for building and expressing ourselves artistically and spiritually. It has provided us with companions, beauty and danger. Our evolution, our genetic make up is irrevocably linked into seasons, ecosystems and natural rhythms. However the last part of our history has been marked by a sudden, almost violent disconnect from this natural order. This disconnect has been particularly apparent in the last 40 years.

For some children it is now the norm to have grown up with absolutely no contact with nature. No understanding of food chains, and our interconnectedness with the natural order. In turn this has been exacerbated by increased social isolation as electronic, remote communication becomes the norm rather than the exception.

There’s an increasing sense of a void which we battle to understand and fill with more technology or toys.

Wonderfully Nature and the therapies that use nature as a silent intermediary, help children (and adults) reconnect with the sensations of the body and the external world – to connect with their inner selves and true nature; their inner nature. In this way inner conflicts are resolved and the symptoms of pre-existing conditions improve.


Lets go Outside!