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A: Boredom

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Writer and Mum Samantha Schoech ponders …

What happens to a child who has a screen put in front of him every time the world is not a perfectly functioning entertainment center geared to his age group? How does he learn patience? How does he learn stillness? How does he learn that world is not supposed to be a games console geared especially toward him?

Learning how to be interested .. or is that interesting!

Nature Sense helps children and teens to start experiencing life outside the screen. Stimulating creativity, exploring what happens when boredom passes.

Samantha Schoech continues …

Do you remember being bored as a kid? Remember driving with your parents, sitting in the back seat (without a car seat) staring out the window in a state of stillness? Or tuning out at a restaurant or dinner party while adult conversation went on around you? It was such a private, quiet thing, to be alone with your thoughts while the world swirled.

Staring out the car window is how I discovered what I called molecules but what were really just particles of dust floating in the sun. It’s how I started to become a writer, silently creating stories in my head.