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Radio 4 broadcast

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Adult Experience
This is an interview regarding Depression and Nature Cure.

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Duration: 28 minutes

Richard Mabey

The man described as “Britain’s greatest living nature writer”, Richard Mabey, talks to Claudia Hammond about “the lost years” of his depressive illness. The author of Food for Free, Flora Britannica and Nature Cure admits that a symptom of his clinical depression was that he lost his connection with the natural world.

Allotment “Young at Heart”

The Young at Heart Project in Barking and Dagenham works to improve the mental and physical health of socially isolated men by bringing them together for regular growing sessions down at the allotment.


Mental health professionals join Andy McGeeney in ancient woodland, Thorndon Park, in Essex, to learn about ecotherapy.

Lisa on Horticultural Therapy

After many years of illness, Lisa, a former mental health nurse, tells Claudia about the part making a garden played in her recovery.

“Green Therapy”: the evidence

Dr Rachel Bragg from the “Green Care Research Team” at the University of Essex describes the evidence behind nature-based therapies and argues they should be part of a “toolkit” of care for patients.