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N: Summer Camps

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NatureSense Summer

From age 7 – 16 –
..Can include Parents!..


Half day Specials – Parents can take some time to themselves while the kids can go wild!
Day long – These camps are with parents and without. Join one of our experiences in the mountains, rivers and forests learning about the wild and building fires, making weapons and huts. (All year round not just summer.)
Weekend specials – Camp in tents by the lake in the Mountains or stay in NatureSense’s home in the Hills. Again this can be with Parents or without. (we can do this mid week too if you want to create your own group with friends)
Week long camps. This is age / group dependent. For the younger children, you do a daily Nature Camp which has you working with Animals, making bread, doing Eco art, Kayaking, playing on Trip wires in the mornings and in the Afternoons depending on how hot it is .. we cook lunch together using bushcraft skills, After which we do a number of different excursions.
For the older kids we include Adventure Sports.

Make your own group or join one of ours.