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Who We Are

Above all BMCC Nature is a Team.
As we are about caring for your children. In everything we do we consider the appropriate care .. even if it’s just playing in mud!

Heading this team is Fiona Austin – who set up and directed her team at BMCC Therapy in the UK.
Once based in Andalucia – Nature became part of BMCC’s agenda – simply as a healing environment. From there the diversity in our team grew – ranging from bushcraft specialists, to mountain bikers, scout leaders, eco artists, primary school teachers, musicians, equine workers; even unexpectedly for some perhaps – farmers – who of course bring Nature to the children’s hearts through an understanding with Animals.

Fiona Austin

Integrative Psychologist
Counsellor and Therapist

BA Hons. DipHyp.

Background: Formerly based in Harley Street and West London.
Working with both adults and children, Fiona has been 

involved in the field of communications leading to personal development for many years.
Supporting this are her qualifications in Hypnotherapy, NLP, TFT, Integrative Psychology, Counseling and specific training in Sport Performance.

With a move of practice to Andalucia; Fiona’s work has evolved lending greater understanding of both modern and metropolitan issues for both adults and children – more importantly bringing increasingly deeper solutions and ease to our modern malaise.

For your interest more information on each area of Fiona’s specialisation including Eco and Nature Therapy can be found at BMCC.