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Children & Schools

BMCC Nature is a part of Nature Sense but with a specific focus on children and schools.  The reason for this is to redress the balance of our advances.  To help ground our children.  Earth them from the bombardment of technology that can at times curb their creativity.

Nature Sense is based in Tarifa, Spain:  But our schools programme brings alive the Nature you have close to you – at your school; complementing your classroom and satisfying the ‘Leave No Child Inside‘ agenda for the child, parent and school.

We also work with schools coming to Tarifa on Excursions and Camps.   Here every experience has an extra nature twist.  If you’re in the hills climbing we’ll choose somewhere we know there’s an opportunity to see eagles nest or if you’re horse riding, we’ll take you areas where you can experience sky graves.  Everything we do has an underpinning of the living class room .. but always with fun.

The educational experience in Tarifa incorporates the activities on Sea, Mountains and forests, dunes, lakes, rivers…through Sport, Adventure and discovery.    Important to all this is what is commonly understood as  ‘free play’.  Our children can often be over organised .. isn’t it nice just to see them free in the beauty we have so close.  Let creativity flow and discovery begin.

Movement from the land into metropolitan and technological lifestyles has left behind the connections we’ve had since our evolution began.  In less than 100 years our values, beliefs, culture and even nurturing has changed.  We simply have not adjusted as well as we think.  We have a disconnect.

If we can reintroduce a coping strategy to our children, they will grow to be stronger, healthier adults.

Grades are falling.  Illness are increasing. Societies and families are fragmenting.  We are in a sense no longer evolving.      Adults are familiar with the term separation anxiety, with regard to raising children.  However we seem to be unaware of the general hum of anxiety that we are imparting within our children by depriving them of freeplay.  Of notions such as Wonder: Serenity:  These are simply concepts that our children read, but no longer experience.


Nature Sense is not all “New Age” .. it is of age.  It considers how we are and just fills in the blanks!  Our agenda is as yours, to help our children along the road of success – but with a fuller heart.

Parents need to get outside to pass on an understanding, foster a connection with Nature; with your child.

BMCC Nature is part of Nature Sense