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What does this image make you think about with regards to your children or yourself?

Our children have a new relationship with nature. For so many, this generation doesn’t even know they’ve lost, or are loosing something. They’re simply growing up with out it – without a connection. There’s an emptiness. But no knowing why? ‘Stuff” is the new fulfillment and aspiration. But ‘stuff’ shuts our senses down. People with their things are not a part of Nature but A-part.

Nature Sense – is as important as Common Sense. And as parents we can not let this die.

Nature Sense is a programme set up for schools to bring back the old fashioned Joy, Amazement and Wonder back into our children’s eyes; To make life less complicated. To help children to deal with their own complexities with strength of connection to the Earth. A real foundation.

Nature Sense is fun, it’s uncomplicated .. it’s for our children’s well being. It’s a skill for life.

And yes there are the ‘real world’ benefits.

  • Grades increase
  • Confidence increases
  • Peacefulness and balance increases
  • Home life gains a perspective
  • Creativity is unleashed
  • The senses are reawakened from their technological two dimension.
  • Eating Disorders and issues balanced
  • Technology dependency reduced
  • ADHD reduced
  • Children’s cognitive abilities and resistance to negative stresses and depression strengthened.
  • .. and much more…


Nearly all adults surveyed indicated that natural outdoor areas were the most significant environments of their childhood. Now, less than half of children ages 8 – 11 share that view.

  • 70% of adults recalled playing out of doors every day as a child.
  • only … 26% of the same adults said they let their children play outdoors.

Children are being raised indoors.

Toddler activity in Scotland and Ireland was measured. (including rural areas) .. They were found to be physically active for only 20 minutes per day. .. the rest was taken up in strollers, car seats and sofas!

  • Children spend 30+ hours a week watching TV or being on the computer.
  • By three months … over 40% regularly watch TV/DVD’s
  • In the US in 2003 there was a 66% increase of anti depressants in pre-schoolers
  • Spending on psychotropics now outweigh spending on antibiotics

All this medication has been intensified by children’s disconnect from Nature. Nature as a healing balm for emotional hardships in a childs life is being overlooked.


Teens and Exams

A word must be put in for our tweens and teens. They are particularly suffering. They are the first to be brought up with a mobile in their back pocket a virtual connection on facebook and twitter that carries more weight and more depression and suicides than peer pressure. Their manners are on the decrease as their social interaction changes. They have exam pressures and global pressures.

A specific Nature Sense ScreenAgers programme has been devised to help with exam pressures and general wellbeing.

Please feel free to investigate the rest of the site for more to support how our Nature Sense programme helps your child, your family and you. As a parent, if Nature Sense is not offered in your school please contact us as we may have an afterschool programme in your area.

With our programme or without .. it is nice for parents to be reminded that in doing things in nature with your children you can be reminded of things you never knew you’d forgotten. It not just stimulates your memories, but senses and spirit.