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Special Needs

Nature Sense and the Special Child

A series of courses with Fiona Austin and Neil Hill for children with special needs:

Since the 1970’s there has been a growing awareness of the healing properties of nature. Repeated scientific studies and anecdotal evidence have demonstrated that a supervised programme of activities within nature has the same, and in some cases a greater effect than a combination of counseling and/or medication on a range of conditions. These include, though they are not restricted to; learning difficulties such as, ADHD, autism, Aspergers syndrome; special needs such as Downs syndrome, cystic fibrosis, genetic conditions, etc and those with physical disabilities such as MS.

Nature Sense has designed a series of exciting adventures and courses to bring these benefits to your children. These nature based courses will be tailored to the requirements of the special needs child and to the needs of the children within each group, their abilities, their needs and their requirements. These are based on the successful Young Explorers courses that were run in Sotogrande over the spring of this year. We will be building on this great start and incorporating the Young Explorers into our new schedules.

Please contact us us for our specifically tailored adapted programme for your child

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