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Adventure & Education In Nature

Nature Sense for Schools

Nature and children are the perfect combination. Our passion is to introduce children to the natural world in all its forms. To use its structure, beauty and complexity to facilitate growth, learning, fitness and connection. The new paradigm is the outdoor classroom – where children learn and absorb so much more than in traditional settings. At the same time we want to create a space where they can have genuine adventures with non-structured play, where mystery and discovery and personal awakenings can occur.

In the flowers nature sense

Free play with Nature Sense

What we offer: We facilitate adventures and learning opportunities in nature. We create a space where children can go back to their aboriginal roots as we teach them the secrets of ancient fire lighting, tracking animals silently and learning their secrets, navigating with the sun and the stars, finding wild foods and building shelters.

With our partners we not only offer the treasure trove of Tarifa’s adventures in the form of climb, bike, horse, surf, paddle and kite lessons – but will add a dimension to each and teach your children about the tides, phases of the moon, the formation of dunes and the ecology of beaches. We believe in combining adventure with learning. We will go for walks in the national parks of Tarifa and describe the nature present first hand, stopping at view points where tens of thousands of eagles pass over at certain times of the year, or show endemic plants, found only here and nowhere else in the world.

Your Stay

In addition we have stunning residential accommodation set within 20ha of private grounds in the National Park overlooking Africa. This property has a large lake, accommodation that takes large groups, a unique yurt dojo seating 100 where we can sit around a fire and listen to stories of the classical legends, many of which were written about this area.

Who we are: Our team is comprised of an ecologist and former EU advisor on nature conservation, who also has 20 years experience of teaching wilderness and nature all over the world. A former Harley Street psychologist who specialises in motivational learning, accessing potential and using nature as a study aid. An internationally famous fitness expert who trains Olympic gold medal winning athletes and who with us has created Nature Trainer. We have an accommodation manager who looks after all aspects of the property, food, and travel. In addition we partner horse riding, paddle surfing, climbing and adventure schools.

Our Difference: We are the only company within the region that offers a complete package of nature based learning with a choice of dedicated accommodation. We have experts in nature, child psychology and outdoor activities – coupled with a combined 50 years of experience of teaching and working with schools, families and children.

……. and it’s fun!

Cool Paddle Nature Sense

Cool Paddle with Nature Sense

BMCC Nature is part of Nature Sense